Fleet Management Features in Quantum MX

Maintenance Tracking for Piston, Turbine, Rotorcraft, Unmanned Aircraft

Quantum MX and Chronos work together to provide integrated scheduling, usage tracking, squawk reporting, and maintenance tracking for your airborne and ground support fleet, accessible online 24/7 by everyone in your organization.

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Maintenance Tracking Features for Fleet Managers

Quantum MX flexible aircraft configurations allow you to configure tracking parameters for any category, class or type of aircraft. Aircraft configurations may include timer tracking (e.g. HOBBS, Tach, Landings, Loads, Cycles, RINS, etc.) and automatic calculation of Total and Since Overhaul times.

Maintenance reminders, once loaded on an aircraft profile, will be reported at dashboard and notification levels. Reminders may be based upon times or dates, to account for any scheduled maintenance item or airworthiness directive. Aircraft reminder profiles may be saved as templates to help configure additional aircraft as your fleet grows.

Document Compliance of Scheduled Maintenance Items

Quantum MX Compliance Package feature allows you to set up a standard work package to document the compliance of a required maintenance procedure. With a couple of mouse clicks, a pre-built compliance pack may be added to a work order. The compliance pack includes all necessary documentation of work performed, including parts requests. After work is performed, the compliance status of scheduled maintenance items may be reset from within a work order.

Track Life Limited Equipment

Track life limited equipment statuses for all vehicles in your fleet.

Tables of life limited equipment include settings for time since install, time since overhaul, total time and date and time based life limits. A fleet level life limited equipment report puts life limit information at your fingertips for all configured life limited equipment in your fleet. PDF reports are also included for scheduled maintenance and life limited-equipment status.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Integrated Fleet Management for One or Many Customers

Quantum MX integrates beautifully with Chronos by FLY Online Tools to transfer aircraft usage times, squawks, and maintenance status. This integration ties together the usage and maintenance profiles and allows Quantum MX to compute predicted due dates for time-based scheduled maintenance items (e.g. oil change).

Customers who use Chronos to manage their flight operations, will experience increased operational efficiency of scheduling, flight logging and accounting. Chronos' integration with Quantum MX enables tight coordination between flight ops and maintenance through increased visibility of squawks and maintenance status.

Quantum MX and Chronos Integrated Flight Ops and Fleet Management
Secure Customer Portal, Valued by Customers

Quantum MX also provides a secure Customer Portal feature that allows flight ops personnel or external customers to view a status page for their aircraft. The status page includes the following capabilities:

Customers who use the Quantum MX customer portal in collaboration with their fleet manager experience high-value enhanced visibility into the maintenance and airworthiness status of their aircraft. Customers may return to the customer portal as needed as part of their ops rhythm to update flight times, report squawks and review maintenance and life limit statuses. This integration enables fleet managers and customers/flight ops to work together to ensure the highest level of safety and visibility of maintenance and airworthiness requirements.

Ground Support Vehicles and Equipment

Maintenance tracking features in Quantum MX work great for other vehicles and ground support equipment.

Quantum MX includes a non-aircraft space to track maintenance profiles for other equipment. Profiles may be loaded for ground support equipment: tugs, fuel trucks, baggage carts, or any other equipment that you wish to track. Flexible configuration features allow you to configure any method of tracking including: hours, odometer miles, gallons, engine starts, loads.


Maintenance outlook reports help you plan the timeline of scheduled maintenance events.

Reporting is an enabler of efficient, data-driven management of fleet operations. When the Quantum MX customer portal (or Chronos integration) is used to keep aircraft times up to date, maintenance status reports will be current in real-time and visible to all stakeholders (given the appropriate access) including: fleet management, flight ops, pilots, technicians, etc.

With scheduled maintenance profiles loaded for all vehicles in your airborne and ground fleet, reports like the Reminder Outlook report become very useful visibility and planning tools. Quantum MX's online capability, in contrast with spreadsheets or other installed solutions has many benefits:

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Gain a competitive advantage through more efficient maintenance tracking for your fleet.

Quantum MX is easy to learn, and your existing maintenance data may be imported using Excel spreadsheets.

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