Timekeeping Features

Record Technician Time for Attendance, Direct Labor and Overhead

Quantum MX timekeeping features

Technicians can clock in to Quantum MX for attendance, direct labor and overhead. Direct labor will be accumulated on work orders and contribute to the billing invoice. Managers may run reports to review technician performance and export data to payroll systems. Employees can clock in manually or by scanning job specific QRCodes from their tablet or smartphone devices. Read further to explore the timekeeping features of Quantum MX.

Allocating Time to a Work Order Easily and Efficiently

Quantum MX integrated timekeeping allows technicians to easily document the time spent on various work order tasks. Time is collected at the work performed level, allowing for detailed invoices and reports.

Time may be documented either manually or by clocking in and out to specific jobs or overhead. Work order shop status sheets that contain QRCodes may be printed or displayed electronically in the shop allowing technicians access to a quick QRCode clock in capability.

Attendance level clock in keeps track of the time that employees are on premises. The attendance vs. timesheets report allows managers to compare billable time vs. attendance time for technicians. The concept of attendance vs. billable time tracking is a technician efficiency metric that managers may review and take action when efficiency numbers are low.

Of course, Quantum MX is designed to increase technician efficiency by putting key information at the technicians fingertips, reducing wasted labor hours in various areas:

Parts Logistics Status
Technical Publications
Digital Signatures
Customer Work Authorizations
Overhead Time Tracking

The overhead timekeeping function allows employees to clock into an overhead category. Overhead time is not billed specifically to work orders and reports will show the accumulation of overhead time. The overhead time metrics is an important metric for business performance as overhead time is a company expense that is not billable to customers.

Labor Performance Tracking

Compare Estimate vs. Actual Labor for Work Order Items

Labor Performance Tracking

Quantum MX integrates estimating, work authorizations, and work in progress tracking for shop work orders. Estimated labor is easily entered for each discrepancy on a work order, and is used to compare the performance of actual labor. This comparison is available in real time as technicians accumulate time sneet entries on the work order.

Real-time comparison of estimate vs. actual labor helps managers and technicians identify potential job overruns. With performance data in hand, managers can react to potential overruns, make adjustments to estimates, or provide customers real time information about the progress of a long running job.

Real-time comparison of estimate vs. actual labor also helps managers see the profitability of flat-rate tasks like: annual/100hr inspections, prop balancing, 91.411/413 inspections.

Easy Payroll Reports

Report Attendance or Labor for Payroll Systems

Quantum MX reports include date range filters and hour totals so data can easily be entered into payroll systems. The Export to Excel function may also be used to export data in a machine readable format for offline storage or custom import into third party payroll systems.

Descriptions of work performed are visible with the timesheet payroll data so managers can review the scope of work that coincides with the time sheet totals. This allows managers to easily see the work that the technician was engaged in while on the clock.

Timesheet Report Totals in Quantum MX

Quantum MX is Designed to be Performant

The timekeeping work flows in Quantum MX are designed and reviewed with efficiency as the primary mission.

If your current system does not perform these timekeeping and reporting tasks easily and efficiently, we invite you to try Quantum MX free for 30 days and hopefully reach a higher level of efficiency and performance in your A&P shop.

Gain a competitive advantage through more efficient timekeeping in your shop.

Quantum MX is easy to learn, and your existing maintenance data may be imported using Excel spreadsheets.

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