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Quantum MX by FLY Online Tools PC and mobile responsive formats
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Quantum MX is developed by FLY Online Tools. FLY Online Tools mission is to provide modern, innovative IT solutions for flight scheduling, flight operations, aircraft maintenance and flight training.
Quantum MX has been trusted by aircraft maintainers and repair stations since 2013.

Productivity, security and competitive advantage for any size A&P shop or pt 145 repair station.

Fastest Workflow

Easy data entry, efficient parts and inventory traceability, reusable templates, powerful document genration including: estimates, invoices, logbook entries, release forms, 8130s, your custom document templates. Online docs, no training required.

Secure and Performant

100% produced and operated in the US. Maximum security high performance data centers with HTTPS protection, revision history auditing, nightly backups and over 99.999% up-time.

Desktop and Mobile

No app required. Works great in the office on your desktop PC and out in the shop on any internet enabled laptop, smart phone or tablet device. Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple and Android devices and browsers.

Customer Engagement

Enhance your customer's experience with modern online work authorizations, estimates, and invoices branded with your company logo and contact information.

New! Airbly integration for automated post-flight maintenance status updates.

Repair Station Compliant

Generate custom documents to meet regulatory requirements. Perform Aircraft and Component repair. Track calibrated tool usage. Use digital signatures compliant with AC120-78A. Widely used by FAA Certified Repair Stations and Canadian Approved Maintenance Organizations.

Quickbooks Online

Automatically export invoices, payments and sales receipts to Quickbooks Online. Update your accounting books swiftly and easily.

No training is required. The intuitive user interface, work flows, online HelpHub docs and expert Help Desk resources allow you to get started quickly without the need for costly in-person training.

Compatible with any browser based device.

All FLY Online Tools apps are browser responsive and work great at various smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer screen formats. There is no software to install. Furthermore, you may be logged in from many devices simultaneously making access convenient as you leave your desk and go mobile. Quantum MX works great on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple, and Android computing devices with Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari browsers. Up to date browser versions are recommended for the best compatibility and security. Connections are HTTPS secure.

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Quantum MX shown on iPad device

More efficient administrative tasks and increased billable time with Quantum MX.

Quantum MX customer portal animated timer update

Customer Engagement

Update aircraft times and record squawks using the customer portal.

Automatically notify customers by email to update hobbs/tach times for their aircraft or use Airbly for automated post-flight time in service and maintenance status updates. Customers may then view an updated maintenance status sheet (dispatch sheet) for their aircraft. Customers may also report squawks on their aircraft to initiate the maintenance process.

Maintain a high visibility of the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance status (including ADs and SBs) with a high level of customer engagement.

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Quantum MX animated work order checklist

Efficient Estimates and Work Orders

Manage discrepancies, corrective action, parts installed, logbook entries, inspector / compliance.

Quantum MX may be used efficiently by technicians at the aircraft to record discrepancies, request parts, document work performed, and record time (clock in/out).

Clock In/Out Time Keeping may be used to document technician time for billing and payroll.

Checklists may be used to document standard maintenance and inspection procedures.

Templates may be used to standardize work packages (including parts) for scheduled maintenance items and save massive amounts of time by reducing data entry.

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Quantum MX logbook entry

Generate Logbook Entries and other documents directly from the work order in a few seconds.

Build-in PDFs and Powerful document generation capability makes return to service easy.

Document generation capability allows you to form fill your own document formats to maintain compliance with your regulatory requirements. Custom documents may be used for: logbook entries, invoices, estimates, work order summary, bill of materials, etc.

AC120-78A compliant digital signature features allow you to sign logbook entries online to create an authorized digital version of the logbook entry.

Built-in documents will use your company logo and information to create clean, professional invoices, estimates, work order summaries, and logbook entries out of the box.

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Collaborative Parts Tracking Features

Quantum MX Parts Dashboard Quantum MX Inventory Locations

Track work order parts requests with full traceability.

  • Track and approve technician parts requests.
  • Build and print purchase orders.
  • Enter tracking / shipping information with real time updates.
  • Capture parts and airworthiness documentation.
  • Trace parts from PO through Inventory to installation on aircraft.
  • Track parts removed and sent out for repair.

Inventory Features with Label Scanning

Quantum MX Inventory history graphs

Manage inventory efficiently with QRCode (bar code) labels.

  • Track inventory by location, rev/lot, date/batch code, serial number, and expiration.
  • Print labels and scan with smart phone to access inventory control screens or assign items to a work order.
  • Track parts by condition: quarantined, overhauled, new, as removed.
  • Report cost of inventory.
  • Track the life history of parts procured from suppliers, stored on shelves, installed on aircraft, removed for overhaul.
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Fleet Management for Any Vehicle Type

Quantum MX Fleet Management

Manage your fleet with modern reporting and customer integration features.

  • Track maintenance status for any vehicle (fixed wing, rotorcraft, turbine, unmanned (UAV), or any ground support equipment)
  • Track life limited equipment
  • Integrate with Chronos users for seamless squawk and aircraft flight time reporting.
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Your service can be up and running in less than five minutes.

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    Create a FLY Online Tools Account

    Fill in your name, email address and password and click "Start Now". You will be redirected to FLY Online Tools to set up your service.

  • 2
    Commission your Quantum MX Service

    Your service will be up and running in about 60 seconds and you will receive some helpful instructions via email. Follow the Quick Start instructions to log in to your server, upload your custom logo and brand colors. Data can be imported for: parts, inventory, aircraft, customers, and maintenance reminders.

  • 3
    Read the Quick Start articles on our HelpHub

    Help is a moment away. Browse the online HelpHub logo by FLY Online Tools or email

  • 4
    Learn about the User Interface Features

    The user interface is fast and efficient. This article will help explain user interface features, styles and conventions.

  • 5
    Create your first Work Order

    Load our default parts database, import an aircraft by tail number from the FAA registry and being creating your first work order.

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Quantum MX is easy to learn and use.


Affordable pricing with no start up fees or contracts.

Improve your work order processes, parts procurement, inventory management, logbook entries and time keeping. On boarding is easy with our online HelpHub. No training is required.

Small A&P Shop or Repair Station $79 /m
    One team
    1GB personal file storage for document attachments
    Unlimited users, work orders, inventory, etc.
    Quickbooks Online Integration
Medium to Large Repair Station $159 /m
    Six teams
    30GB personal file storage for document attachments
    Unlimited users, work orders, inventory, etc.
    Quickbooks Online Integration
    Example: battery shop team + aircraft repair team + interiors team + multiple locations teams

Additional pricing options are available if you require additional online document storage or more than 6 teams. Email for more information.

Learn more about how Teams may enable you to efficiently run multiple lines of business from one Quantum MX domain.

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By signing up, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. Privacy is very important to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my service?

Follow this Launching Your Server help guide to commission your service. The process takes less than five minutes.

Can I try before I buy?

Your first 30 days is billed FREE with no obligation. The software is fully functional during your trial period.

Does Quantum MX support timekeeping and inventory tracking.

Yes - technicians may clock in/out, enter time manually for direct charge, overhead and attendance. Inventory includes QRCode label features which may be scanned using a smart device for easy allocation to a work order.

Can data be imported?

Aircraft, customers, vendors, parts, inventory, and maintenance reminders can be imported from Excel spreadsheets. We can help: contact for a quote and we can help import your data to help you make a swift transition.

Is training required?

No training is required. All FLY Online Tools products include free online docs and expert Help Desk support via email. Because the software is intuitive, easy to learn and well documented, new users generally require no training to get started. Have a question? Click the question mark from home screen or email the Help Desk at

Is my data secure?

Yes. Browser access is HTTPS encrypted for maximum security. Industry best practices are used to secure physical and digital access and protect backup data. All data is processed in continental US based data centers.


ACS Avionics Team Photo

ACS Avionics Austin, TX

QMX has allowed our company to streamline the work order process and allow our technicians to focus more on aircraft and less on paperwork. QMX has eliminated data duplication with its robust parts system and seamless work order generation. The QMX staff has responded quickly to our specific needs and have provided superior customer support. QMX is modern, fast, easy to use and the price couldn't be beat, we highly recommend QMX. Jason Day, Director of Completions

Vaerus Aviation Logo

Vaerus Aviation Topeka, KS

Just what we were looking for. This has been the perfect product for our in house maintenance operation. Very user friendly and moldable to each operation. Best of all, customer service has been outstanding. Our questions are answered the same day, and solutions to our issues have come rapidly. Great Product and Service! Patrick Traul, VP

Wingnuts Aircraft Service Logo

Wingnuts Aircraft Service La Verne CA, Brackett Field

Amazing service from the Fly Online Tools group. I have been using the Quantum MX package for years. It is easy to operate, everything is stored in the cloud so it's easier to have everything on any computer. Most amazingly, every time I have called for help, or to fix a bug in the system the problem is resolved in minutes, not days or even hours. I cannot remember any company that have resolved issues consistently just moments after discussing them. Kevin Kane, Director of Maintenance

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